Güell, Gaudí and Park …

Gaudí had an extraordinary personality. It’s undeniable.

On the one hand, the technician, mastering the forms and materials making him a rational being. On the other side a man inspired and inhabited by his beliefs which influenced all his work. Gaudí thought of everything! Through this park one can understand how his practical spirit put himself at the service of others; taking into account the daily constraints but insisting also the blooming of each one in the spaces.

The construction of Park Güell began in 1900 at the request of Eusebi Güell who had quickly understood the meaning of the architecture of Gaudi.

At the time, Barcelona develops very quickly, the Exiample extends on the plain. Eusebi Güell decides to acquire a huge piece of land on the Muntanya Pelada (the peeled mountain). Its location is ideal with its view of the sea and the plain of Barcelona.

The Residential Zone consisted of approximately 60 triangular-shaped plots with intricate networks of viaduct and stairway paths adapted to the terrain typography. Eusebi Güell wants the type of British co-properties very select from where the word Park written in English!


Entry and concierge:

The main entrance has iron doors that come from Casa Vicens, a house previously built by Gaudi. The two buildings on each side formed the lodges of the residential area. The facades and roofs are dressed with Trencadis: small fragment of broken ceramic that often came from the recovery.

The monumental staircase:

This large staircase is divided into two parts that provides access to the room Hypostyle or Room columns under which is the tank that feeds the fountains located on the central axis of the stairs.